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This week in the MPL 4/21 - 4/27

Updated: May 12

Rule Change

Beginning Monday, April 22nd

Addition to the MPL Rules of the Game, Rule 3(c).


3(c) If a player has retained their re-entry chip at the conclusion of Level 8, it may be redeemed as follows:

i. If the player participates in the Dealer Appreciation Add-On and receives a 6K re-entry chip, they may redeem it for 2,000 chips.

ii. If the player DID NOT participate in the Dealer Appreciation Add-On and receives a 3K re-entry chip, they may redeem it for 1,000 chips.

 iii. Any unused re-entry chips may only be redeemed as it is stated in 3(c)(i) and 3(c)(ii)

 at the CONCLUSION of Level 8. Once Level 9 begins all re-entry chips are forfieted with no redemtion value.


Weekly Schedule 4/21-4/27

Sunday 4/21, FPN ONLINE WEEKLY QUALIFIER, Start Time 2pm.

Monday 4/22, Distill-American Pacific: Start Time 6:30pm, Early Chip Bonus 6:00pm, Misfits Gear Bonus.

Tuesday 4/23, Aces & Ales: NO POKER DUE TO A PRIVATE EVENT AT ACES & ALES, League play will resume on Tuesday, 4/30 at 6pm.

Wednesday 4/24, Joe’s Bar: DOUBLE POINTS NIGHT, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus. Stick around…There will be a Bonus Game.

Thursday 4/25, Distill-Cheyenne: Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Friday 4/26, Putter’s-Pecos: Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Saturday 4/27, Fred’s Tavern: Start Time 11:00am, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Tournaments of Champions are Complete!

Surprisingly, we didn’t have a full tournament of 27 players in any of our TOC’s.  With that in mind and with the idea that we want everyone who qualifies to have the best opportunity to play, will be releasing the next TOC’s (October 2024) schedule in August so everyone has the opportunity to make arrangements to play.

I also want to take a moment and let everyone one know that if you qualify as a Wild Card in any of the TOC's, you are NOT taking away a seat from someone else who might otherwise be qualified. The TOC's are designed to have all the nightly winners play in a single MTT to award a seat to the FPN Promotional Championship.

If we just had the nightly winners play, we would only have a qualified field of approx. 20-26 players due to duplicate winners and missing League nights(venue cancellations, TOC's, charity events, ect.) throughout the promotion. We have the capacity to host 3 full tables, that's 27 players, at each venue. This gives us the opportunity to open up those additional seats to players who did not win during the promotion but played well enough to be a top point earner during the promotion. We find that this is in the best interest of the League, by allowing as many people as possible (up to 27 per venue) to have the opportunity to win. For more information on how we structure and run our tournaments please check out this link. and download the "Tournament Structure and Information" PDF


Congratulations to all the Winners of the Season 8 (Winter 2024) Tournament of Champions.

Brandon Timok, 4/8, Distill-American Pacific and FreeZone-Sunday TOC Champion.

Stephanie Tomasello, 4/10, Joe’s Bar TOC Champion

Mike Webb, 4/12, Putter’s-Pecos/Ichabod’s TOC Champion

John Potocki, 4/16, Aces & Ales/FreeZone-Thursday TOC Champion

Vernon Johnson, 4/20, Fred’s Tavern/Distill-Cheyenne TOC Champion


Once again, we will be distributing Scratch to the Top 3 finishers each night.

If you earned a scratch card from 4/1-4/18, we have your name and the date you earned that card and we will make sure you get your card.



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