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This Week In The MPL 6/23-6/29

Congratulations to all of Last Week’s Nightly Winners!

Special Kudos to new League Member Ken Whilhelm, who won TWICE this past week!

The Bonfire 6/17: Ken Whilhelm

Aces & Ales 6/18: Peter Filippone

Joe’s Bar 6/19: Jacob Karnowski

Rockstar Bar 6/20: Ken Whilhelm

Putter’s Bar & Grill-Pecos 6/21: Shari Ghiorzi

Fred’s Tavern 6/22: Joan Lazar

Left to Right: Ken Whilhelm, Peter Filippone, Jacob Karnowski, Ken Whilhelm, Shari Ghiorzi, Joan Lazar


We’ve got some highly contested races going on for seats to the Desert Dash for Cash National Championship at nearly all our venues.  Remember the TOP 10% (Based on Avg. Attendance) in points for EACH SEASON get a seat, so get your game on and put your best foot forward as we finish strong in this final week. So, if you’re in the Top 5-8 in any of the current races, chances are you’ve still got a shot at securing a Top 10% Spot and a coveted seat to the Desert Dash for Cash National Championship, so LET'S GO!  We’ll look forward to seeing you on the felt. 

You can check each League race right here on the FPN site.

Continued Success At Rockstar Bar and The Bonfire!


The month of June saw the MPL open two new venues.

PJ, Blue, and a brand new crew are back! Bigger and brighter than ever! As with any new business, especially the bar business, it takes time to work out all the kinks and get things just the way that they should be. Thanks to all of you for your support and feedback. I am confident that things will continue to grow and improve upon the fantastic foundation that currently exsists. Together, The Bonfire and the MPL will continue to do great things.

We've laid the ground work for some fantastic opportunities at Rockstar Bar and John, Sara, Tasha, and T have been there every step of the way. With attendance booming at 20+ players the first 3 weeks, we'll continue to show new venues what it means to be a part of the Misfits Family. So c'mon down on Thursday night, grab a drink and play some poker.

Get Your Misfits Gear Here!

Somebody, somewhere, once said,"You don't know what you don't know, so it might be best to get 'In The Know'." or something, sort of like that.

So with that in mind...

If you would like to "Get In The Know" and receive important informational updates about League Venues, Promotions, and Tournaments from Misfits Poker League (Misfits Entertainment)

Please text “Misfits” to 8773653766

Weekly Schedule

Sunday 6/23: FPN Weekly Online Qualifier for Desert DASH for Cash, Start Time 2pm, Starting on April 1, 2024. If you finished in the Top 3 of a nightly tournament you will receive an entry code to this weekly qualifier.  Go to to redeem and play your code.  Codes can be used for ANY weekly qualifier tournament and  are good until Sunday, October 6, 2024.

Monday 6/24: The Bonfire, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Tuesday 6/25:  Aces & Ales, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Wednesday 6/26: Joe’s Bar, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Thursday 6/27: NEW LOCATION! Rockstar Bar (Inside the Las Vegas Golf Center), Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Friday 6/28: Putter’s-Pecos, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Saturday 6/29, Fred’s Tavern: Start Time 11:00am, Early Chip Bonus 10:30am, Gear Bonus.


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