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Dealer Appreciation Update!

We have decided to make some slight adjustments to the Dealer Appreciation Add-n and how it will be utilized during the game. Please note that these changes will take place as of Monday, January 29th at Distill-A Local Bar, 1231 American Pacific Dr, Henderson, NV 89074

The adjustments to the Dealer Appreciation have been added to the MPL Rules of the Game and can be found at this link,

Here are the adjustments that have been made.

  1. The Dealer Appreciation Add-On will be honored for those players who choose to tip the customary amount of at least $15.

    1. This includes an addtional 5K chip to the player's starting stack (3K).

    2. Also includes an option to re-enter and receive a re-entry stack of 6K.

  2. For those players who choose not to participate in the Dealer Appreciation Add-On:

    1. Will receive the standard starting stack (3K)

    2. Will also receive the standard re-entry stack (3K)


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