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Direct from the FPN! New Promo Starts April 1st.

Let The Games...Continue!

Whether your style is to Go Big -or- Go Home (FAST) or The Grind (SLOW), you can SCORE BIG WITH FPN!

Join us in the Desert DASH-for-CASH where we will once again put $100,000+ CASH on the table in Vegas. Click here for details.

Thank you for everyone for sticking with us over the years, the evolution of the league continues as we head closer to the 20th Anniversary of FPN Leagues in 2025!

This new contest starts April 1st and features just two (2) qualifying seasons: SPRING and SUMMER.

As with the Step In The Ring promotion, multiple players will qualify DIRECTLY from participating locations, with some exciting bonuses along the way...stay tuned ;)

All of this would not be possible without our Sponsors and dedicated Hosts and poker enthusiasts across the league. THANK YOU! And players, the best way to thank your Sponsors is by purchasing food and drink!

Cheers! -Team FPN


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