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This Week In The MPL 5/19 - 5/25


Say hello to the newest members of the Misfits Family! Be sure to introduce yourself when you see them on the felt!

Angie Q.

Anthony Q.

Tim P.

Alex T.

Bill B.

Mary T.

Andrew J.

Casey L.

Kirsi M.

Karson L.

Ryan B.

Nick A.

Austin C.

The Tavern is Back with DOUBLE POINTS!

We will be offering TWO TABLES of Poker action and it's DOUBLE POINTS night! So come on down and get checked in early for your seat. Alternate seats will be available.  Great Food and Drinks, and SMOKE FREE! Early Chip Bonus is 1K if you check-in by 5:30.  Gear Bonus is also available. Get your gear here.

The FPN Step In The Ring Tournament Week Starts NEXT WEEK!

We Need Your Support!

All the details are right here!

Tuesday May 28th thru Friday May 31st

Golden Nugget Grand Ballroom - Las Vegas

The Championship is Friday, May 31st at 10:00am

Weekly Schedule

Sunday 5/19, FPN Weekly Online Qualifier for Desert DASH for Cash, Start Time 2pm, Starting on April 1, 2024. If you finished in the Top 3 of a nightly tournament you will receive an entry code to this weekly qualifier.  Go to to redeem and play your code.  Codes can be used for ANY weekly qualifier tournament and  are good until Sunday, October 6, 2024.

Monday 5/20, DOUBLE POINTS NIGHT! The Tavern, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Tuesday 5/21,  Aces & Ales, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Wednesday 5/22, Joe’s Bar, Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus. Stick around…There will be a Bonus Game.

Thursday 5/23, No Misfits Poker League Games

Friday 5/24 Putter’s-Pecos: Start Time 6:00pm, Early Chip Bonus 5:30pm, Gear Bonus.

Saturday 5/25, Fred’s Tavern: Start Time 11:00am, Early Chip Bonus 10:30am, Gear Bonus. Thanks for the Correction, Glen! ;)


We couldn't be more thrilled to announce TWO new venues that will be opening in June. It's hard to keep a secret, but I think we can hang on for one more week!

Stay Tuned!


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