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Updated: Apr 1

Hey Misfits,

The end of the season is only one month away, so here's a little something to wet your poker appetite.

Our Tournament of Champions will be happening at select venues from April 8-20.

Each player that won multiple nights at a venue will receive an additional starting stack (Maximum of 3 per player/venue)

The Tournaments will be run with the same structure as our nightly games and may also include big blind antes. There are a few slight changes so take note.

  • Starting stacks will be 3K

  • Dealer Appreciation will be $15 for a 5K Chip

  • There will be a Misfits Gear Bonus of 1K.

  • There will be NO EARLY CHIP BONUS.

  • There will be NO RE-ENTRY for any of the T.O.C. games.

  • There are NO SUBSTITUTES OR ALTERNATES for any of the T.O.C. games.

Players are allowed to play in each TOC they qualified for. Due to the shortened season we will be combining our venues and utilizing "Wild Card" spots to fill out the field of 27 players.

The field at each venue will consist of the League Champion, All Nightly Winners, and Wild Cards.

The Wild Cards will consist of the top non-winner point earners until each field is filled.

Please note that the number of Wild Card spots will change based on the number of duplicate winners that a League may have. This final number of Wild Spots will not be determined until after the end of the season on March 31st.


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